More than just a mortgage company, more than just a bank… Echelon Mortgage offers over 25 years of real estate financing experience to assist with a long term mortgage strategy that complements your existing financial plan.  Including; purchase, transfer, refinance, construction, renovation, investment & recreational properties, equity leveraging for other investment opportunities and more.

Founded in the spring of 2003 we proudly celebrate our 14th Anniversary on July 1, 2017!

Echelon Mortgage Corporation offers real estate financing services across Canada.  An independent brokerage provides the client with a multitude of creative financing options with the help of both typical lending institutions and atypical lending resources. Echelon Mortgage is committed to placing you with a lender focused on mortgage financing solutions appropriate to your individual needs and situation.

Much like your relationship with your investment advisor or insurance agent a mortgage agent is a professional who specializes in Real Estate financing.

Competitive rates and consideration for your time are cornerstones of the relationship Echelon Mortgage has with you.  Use Echelon Mortgage as a resource for your future.  There is no cost associated with the majority of the services; however with prudent advice, there is the opportunity for you to enjoy significant savings.